County Rugby Safe lead needed

Player Welfare, and making rugby as safe as possible, is the joint responsibility of all involved in the game. It is important that good practice is embedded across all clubs to support the promotion of a proactive approach to player welfare and safety. We are looking for someone to support rugby safe across the county and help our clubs to implement and maintain best practise. As such you will be the RFU focal point for Oxfordshire.

Although written from a club perspective key aspects of the role include:

1. First Aid / Immediate Care Pitch-side Provision
Support/Review our Oxfordshire clubs risk assessments and RFU’s recommended minimum levels of immediate care (IC) and/or first aid (FA) guidelines to identify what level of first aid/immediate care is needed. Assist clubs in creating plans to ensure that every training session and match is covered by an appropriately qualified First Aider/Immediate Care Practitioner.

2. Training & Equipment
Organise training to ensure all club appointed first aiders are trained and up-to-date with an appropriate level of qualification in line with RFU guidelines (e.g. RFU Emergency First aid in
Rugby Union course). Manage the stocking and general maintenance of first aid supplies and equipment, making sure the first aid equipment and kits are suitable for the level/amount of
activity and those trained to use it.

3. Emergency Action Plan
Along with key personnel in each club, develop an Emergency Action Plan to ensure there is a clear process in the event of an incident/injury. Develop a process to ensure that these
procedures are known and understood amongst appropriate individuals in the club.

4. Reporting
Ensure there are processes in place to keep records of player medical conditions, monitor injuries and report incidents/injuries as they happen in line with RFU regulations.

5. RugbySafe

Utilise the RFUs RugbySafe scheme and guidelines (e.g. management of concussion), work with other key personnel (e.g. coach coordinator and safeguarding officer) to support wider best
practice and ensure that all club volunteers and parents are aware of how to support player welfare.

Is this the role for you?
If you are practical, organised and have a passion for making sure that rugby is played in a safe and enjoyable environment with player welfare at the heart, this could be the role for you.

Please contact our secretary if interested/for more information.

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