From the president.

It is a great privilege being elected as President of Oxfordshire RFU for 2020-2022. As I write this welcome introduction to our website, we still have no clear certainty about when rugby actually commence!

This is as we are all now well aware the most unusual of times across all sectors of daily life with our marvellous game of rugby football no less affected. With all competitions as we know them across all sections and age groups suspended.  I know this is a very challenging time for all our clubs throughout the county both in terms of rugby related and off field supporting activities.

Last season came to something of an abrupt halt although this should not detract from the achievements of the various league winners and we wish them and all other clubs well in all future competitions as and when they resume.

Likewise, of course very little of the county representative rugby programme was completed last season with neither of the senior men or women’s competitions started at all. Again, I am sure we will look forward to resurrecting the representative programme as and when permitted.

All of that said I know there is a tremendous amount of work undertaken by the clubs within the county both to address all the issues surrounding the Return to Rugby process and within the wider community as well.

The Oxfordshire RFU Executive Board are similarly endeavouring to use this time when there is only limited rugby activity to  review and improve where it can both supporting our clubs and helping to grow the game through various local initiatives.

The pandemic has resulted in major changes in the structure and management of the Rugby Football Union and further postponement in the introduction of revisions to in particular the adult game means competitions review and we will continue to monitor and contribute to all these amended programmes.

Finally therefore I do wish all our clubs, senior and junior, schools and higher education groups together with all the many hundreds of volunteers whose energy and enthusiasm keep them all going the very best for rugby in the future when hopefully we will all return stronger and wiser.


Very Best Regards

Pete Bramley


Oxfordshire RFU