Finance and funding

Funding is critical in the development of all rugby clubs. All aspects of a club’s operations, from developing facilities to providing kit or from complying with health and safety regulations to securing equipment for the junior teams, are determined by their funding.

Funding is important for community rugby clubs, both in terms of long term planning and revenue for day-to-day costs incurred by running the team and community facilities.

Managing resources

Managing resources and navigating your way through the web of legislation on employees, volunteer expenses and VAT can likewise be a daunting task.

The RFU is committed to helping rugby clubs achieve their funding and revenue ambitions, and is here to provide assistance crucial issues such as sources of funding and how to manage resources within your club.

Club Budgeting

A rugby club needs to ensure its annual budget is planned out. We have a handy cashflow forecast template that you can download and use to help manage your club’s finances.

Download the template now.