Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

The RFU uses the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) to operate and manage a criminal record checking process for those working with children or vulnerable adults.

Everyone engaged in a Regulated Activity must undertake a DBS check through their club, in accordance with RFU Regulation 21.

Having a criminal record does not automatically prohibit an individual from undertaking a role working with children or vulnerable adults.

All DBS disclosures are handled confidentially, with every case treated on its own merit. On all occasions the RFU considers the welfare of the child paramount.

The following documents will help guidance on process and ex-offenders:

DBS Disclosure Management Process
Recruitment of ex-offenders

Applications for individuals engaging in their roles as volunteers are free. If an individual is paid for their role (excluding out of pocket expenses); or if gaining a qualification (for example, Duke of Edinburgh Award), a fee of £44 per application is required in advance via BACS or cheque.

You can find guidance relating to help ensure relevant individuals are checked:
Regulated activity and DBS eligibility
DBS Eligibility Decision Flow-Chart

The DBS was created in December 2012 with introduction of the following:
The DBS Update Service
Status Checks
Single Disclosure only

DBS Frequently Asked Questions

The RFU operates an online eDBS application system which clubs must register to use and which allows the RFU to effectively monitor all DBS applications and disclosure results.

Further information about the eDBS system and guidance on how clubs can register is available on the following links:
How does a club a club register for the eDBs
DBS E-Application ID Verifier Check List

It is important to adhere to the ID verification requirements issued by the DBS to accurately verify an applicant’s identity. This includes ensuring that only original documents are provided not photocopies/scanned copies.

To register for the online eDBS system, please contact the RFU Safeguarding Team via email at dbseapp@rfu.com.