Rugby/Holiday Camps Request for CB approval

RFU Regulation 15
15.8 Rugby / Holiday Camps

Rugby / holiday camps are permitted for all age grades provided that:
(a) the rugby / holiday camp and its activity programme are run in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Guidance available at the RFU Codes of Practice;
(b) the Constituent Body in which the rugby / holiday camp is located is notified of the proposed rugby / holiday camp in advance;
(c) any proposed activity is approved in writing by the Constituent Body; and
(d) Regulation 15 is complied with in full.

To gain Constituent Body approval to host or run a Rugby / Holiday Camp:

1. Host venue requests CB Approval by completing the attached RUGBY CAMP PERMISSION FORM July 2022 in full.

2. Where a third party provider is being used to deliver the activity, their workforce details need to be added to the form
3. All workforce will need to possess a RFU-issued DBS
4. Completed forms should be submitted (in full) 28 days in advance of the Rugby / Holiday Camp


For tours please also complete the Outgoing Tours Form or Incoming tours form as appropriate.

Please return the completed Request For Approval to our CB Safeguarding Manager.