Coaches and Teachers

Quilter Kids First is England Rugby’s approach to rugby for 6-13 year olds. It gives children the opportunity to prosper by fostering an environment for having fun, learning and building confidence.

Why it’s good for your club or school?
*The rules have been simplified to support children’s development – they are deliberately uncomplicated, progressive and flexible.
*A free flowing and continuous game should be encouraged, and they offer core guidelines to the game, with enough flexibility for the coach to adapt to the needs of the players.
*The game has been developed to increase player involvement, increase the number of decisions a player has to make which in turn will improve their game understanding.
*More touches of the ball supports their skill development as they are involved more frequently, during the game.

What more can you do?
We’re asking rugby clubs and schools across the country to take the Quilter Kids First pledge to commit to a range of high quality standards to:
*Put children at the heart of everything we do and all the decisions we make.
*Encourage fun on the pitch, through equal opportunity and realistic expectations of our children.
*Build the skills of our adults to provide a safe, healthy, respectful and enjoyable environment for kids.
*Develop children’s confidence and character as players and people.
*Champion rugby’s Core Values, inspiring a lifelong bond between children, adults and our sport.


All clubs and schools with children aged 6-13 can sign up.

Ask your Club Chairman or Head Teacher to take the Quilter Kids First pledge by registering their details.

As part of the registration process all clubs and schools will pass through a safeguarding filtering. Shortly after, they will be contacted directly by the Rugby Football Union.

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