Community Development

The Rugby Football Union is committed to growing the game with the education sector as a key driver for players starting out on their rugby journey. Schools provide the major pipeline to participation in rugby clubs and a foundation for players moving on to college or university.

In order to help you start or develop your school’s rugby union programme there is a dedicated accessible support network available from the local delivery teams network to the national support of a dedicated Schools Development Team.

The rugby union network includes both professional staff and volunteers who work hand in hand to support schools and young people. This network is structured to ensure that support is as available as possible and is focused on delivering national frameworks at a local level.

Schools Membership
The England Rugby Football Schools Union (ERFSU) is the schools arm of the Rugby Football Union and the organisation to which schools affiliate. Currently there are around 3,000 member schools ranging from traditional rugby playing secondary schools to brand new schools of all kinds starting out on their rugby union programmes. By becoming a member of the ERFSU you also become a member of your local County Schools Union (CSU) who provide many playing and competition opportunities in your area.

Joining the ERSFU Team is a great way to develop rugby in your school. There are numerous benefits which support the growth of rugby, including the schools newsletter and Touchline magazine, entrance into national competitions, inspiring trips to the home of rugby at Twickenham and the chance to purchase England international tickets. Contact the Schools Development Team for information on how to join.

Schools Rugby is the termly ERFSU newsletter that is sent out to all member schools. It is written specially for schools by the schools development team, ERFSU and RFU Publication editor. It contains information on schools programmes, advice on guidance and ways to enhance Rugby Union in your school. It can be found in the centre pages of the Touchline magazine in September, January, March and is available to download.

Link Your School to a Community Rugby Club
A club link is an agreement between a school and a club to work together. The aim of a Club School Link is to develop the very best level of quality and opportunity for young people in sport. Use the RFU Club Finder Tool to find your nearest club or contact your local RFU Rugby Development Officer for more information.

Taking Your School on a Rugby Tour
A school tour is an exciting way to build the team spirit and identity of a group of players. It provides a rare opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better and to establish a common style and purpose, as well as making friendships at home and abroad which can last a lifetime. The RFU has a dedicated tours area on the website for general advice, checklists and information, and there are specific guidelines for schools.