County Festivals



27 March 2022

27 March 2022

03 April 2022

10 April 2022


U9s Festival

U12/U13 Festival

U7/U8 Festival

U10/U11 Festival


Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill

Phillipe Peirsegaele

Philip Watson


Note: these were originally allocated to clubs in 2020 and carried over. Expressions of interest for hosting the 2022/23 season festivals should be made to ORFU Competitions.

Before a club organises a festival….


RFU Regulation 15.9 requires each Constituent Body (Oxfordshire RFU in our case) to be notified of all Age Grade Rugby Festivals held within their area.

15.9 Competitions, Tournaments, Festivals, Rugby Camps and Tours are permitted but the following conditions must be met:
(a) Regulation 15 is complied with in full;
(b) They are in line with the Age Grade Playing Calendar and competition format of the specific age grade; and
(c) Written prior approval is obtained

Oxfordshire RFU requires that notifications of Age Grade Rugby are received at least four weeks before each event.

Festivals with six or more expected teams from outside of Oxfordshire and our neighbouring Constituent Bodies will require additional approval. Such events are classed as ‘National’ and therefore require Oxfordshire RFU notification at least 3 months before the event date. Touring teams from outside of England will also require ‘Incoming Tour’ approval.

A ‘festival’ is defined as an event that involves more than three competing age teams in any rugby age group.

Forms should be signed by either the Club Chairman or Club Honorary Secretary.

Please download the attachment. Oxfordshire RFU Age Grade Rugby Festival Request Form

Please submit completed forms to our Safeguarding/Disciplinary Secretary.