Inside Centre

Positional Requirements – Inside Centre

1. Is able to jump and catch the ball in the air, both chasing and receiving
2. Is able to kick with either foot i.e. (a) Punt (b) Restart, (c) Chip, (d) DA’s
3. Is tactically aware of the kicking game
4. Has effective individual tackling technique (1 v 1)
5. Leads the team defence
6. Is a creative strike runner i.e. (a) creative, (b) strike, (c) power
7. Has the ability and confidence to play at 10
8. Can catch and pass off both hands under pressure
9. Delivers quick ball in contact
10. Is a good communicator
11. Is a County-standard goal kicker
12. Is mentally tough, i.e. competes and trains at 95-100% of ability at all times
13. Has County-standard fitness levels
14. Has a ruthless edge in the pursuit of winning

Positional Skills:
| Speed, Agility, Footwork | Running Lines | Contact Skills (ruck / maul) | Defence | Tactical Awareness | Passing (range & type) |