Oxfordshire Honda Volunteer Recognition Event 2024

Oxfordshire Volunteer Event combined with Honda Volunteer Recognition Program was held in June 2024.
With over many nominations for individuals and teams this year and many nominations received from their clubs, players, supporters and families, it demonstrates the volunteer dedication & commitment to really make rugby happen across the county. This year’s event saw an incredible number in attendance.
As always much fun, laughter and hopefully new acquaintances were made across the rugby family.
Thanks to all that could attend and see you next year – we look forward to Twickenham on 15th June for our Men’s XV who face Cheshire in the Final of Division 2 (kick-off 11:00am).


From the 2024/25 season, all players, in all formats of the game (including non-contact from April 2025) will be required to register themselves annually to play rugby.
Ahead of the rollout of Adult Player Registration, you are invited to our RFU stakeholder engagement sessions for those listed as club Adult Male Registrars and Adult Female Registrars. These sessions will show you the player registration process and provide key support.
Please register for one of the sessions taking place in June 2024 to find out what you need to know and details of tasks you may need to complete.
A recording will be shared with registrants after the session.
Learn more about Adult Player Registration below.