O2 Touch Rugby Referees

This page is not only for referees but for those thinking/wanting/yearning! to become a referee!

The world over we are looking for referees to get involved with O2 Touch, to not only assist out there in the games, but to also increase your knowledge of the game and the rules.

Who wants to be a touch rugby referee?
That must be the question that gets asked most often by those people playing or even spectating a game of touch rugby, especially when the referee seems to cop flack on the pitch from all sides as if he or she can do no right!

However as is well known without these devoted people who put there bodies (and ears) on the line week in and week out, there would be no game.

Many people think that it is very easy to become a referee and in theory it is. If you are or have been a player who knows the rules very well then you certainly do have a head start in having the ability to understand the game, but this won’t necessarily make you a good referee.

As well as a fair understanding of the rules, you also need level headedness, patience, compassion and confidence as well as a fair level of fitness.

If you feel that you have the capacity and aptitude to be a good referee (beginners are MORE than welcome and strongly encouraged!), or you have already refereed in the past and are keen to get involved then O2 Touch would like to hear from you.

If you have received some sort of formal touch rugby refereeing qualification i.e. Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 in another country and intend on being here in the UK for a while, then just let us know and we can arrange for your qualification to be transferred to a European Qualification, and we can then issue you with an official European Refereeing Badge.

O2 Touch work closely with the ETA and the England National Referee Director. O2 Touch is able to facilitate you with refereeing qualifications, up to European Level 3. Remember, only official Referee Coaches are able to currently upgrade you and issue you with official European badges, so make sure you check before attending a course!

If getting fit, meeting new people, and learning a new skill is not enough, we also pay you! You can earn up to £12.50 per hour when you referee for O2 Touch – and you can choose where, when and what time!

To referee for O2 Touch, please contact Mike Abromowitz, mike@in2touch.com or on 07905 976935.

To submit your interest in attending a European Referee Course (Level 1, 2 or 3) then please email the Official England Referee Courses on refs@englandtouch.org.uk