Openside Flanker

Positional Requirements – Openside Flanker:

1. Has a nose for where the ball is
2. Is able to support jumper in the lineout
3. Competent checklist (“Tower of Power”)
4. Adopts a correct position to generate maximum push in the scrum
5. Has effective individual tackling technique (1 v 1).
6. Lead the team defence
7. Has the ability to play 9 or 10
8. Is comfortable with ball in hand, i.e. can catch and pass with either hand
9. Is able to slow down/steal opposition ball
10. Is a creative strike runner i.e. (a) creative, (b) strike, (c) power
11. Delivers quick ball in contact
12. Is mentally tough, i.e. competes and trains at 95-100% of ability at all times.
13. Has County-standard fitness levels
14. Has a ruthless edge in the pursuit of winning

Positional Skills:
| Athletic Ability / Work rate | Competes for the ball at the breakdown | Defence | Handling, Offloading and Link-Play skills | Contact Skills (ruck /maul) | Change of pace |