Mixed Ability Rugby is the concept of playing rugby whilst ensuring that individuals with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and those recovering from mental health problems are included. It is quite simply “Rugby For All”.

It works by having experienced players on the team that act as ‘facilitators’ for disabled players and those that are new to the game. They assist, help and guide the individual players on the team to fulfil their role within the game.

The rules don’t have to be adapted; this is actually one of the key aspects. Mixed Ability Rugby is focused on inclusion of all players, regardless of disability or skill levels. In the interests of safety the only major adaptation is to make scrums uncontested.

It is not just disabled players who benefit from being included in a mainstream sport. There is a genuine spirit and camaraderie both before and after the game between all of the players.

It’s a great way for us all to experience real inclusion first hand.

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