Schools Rugby

Developing children as confident, capable young people first is at the core of the Rugby Football Union’s offer to schools. Using rugby union as a vehicle for developing young people’s personal and social skills alongside their rugby skills can have a dramatic impact on all aspects of their lives and has real whole school impact.

Rugby can be played by all students in your school. There are a number of types of game formats and competition on offer to enable you to engage all students. Thousands of young people of all shapes, sizes and abilities play rugby throughout the nation every week of the season.

Students enjoy rugby for many different reasons, some play with the aim of playing at the highest level; some play because they enjoy the friendship; some play because it is a team sport; some because the whole family is welcome; and some simply to get active and fit.

But they all play, above all, because it is great fun!

If you want to be the next Chris Robshaw or Mike Brown then your school is a great place to start.

Whether you are new to the game, have reached the landmark of your first full season, or are now a veteran of two seasons or more, we have loads of information about the world of rugby union. Right the way from the England team down to the greenest grassroots.