Is It For Me?

Have you ever felt that fiery ball of fearlessness stir within you? Where doubt is squashed by determination? That’s your inner warrior. We all have one. We just have to meet it. And rugby empowers us women to discover our inner toughness.

Whether you’re tall or small, fast or powerful, tactical or combative, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve on the pitch. So get outdoors and be challenged.

Because when we tackle our weaknesses, we also discover our strengths. Join us and be part of a band of fierce, fearless females, where anybody and anybody can flourish. This is where inner warriors are both found and celebrated. After all, sport not only builds character, it also reveals it.

This is the game for you, get out of it what you like, play your way. Check out our list of FAQs here to find out more.