Scrum Half

Positional Requirements – Scrum Half

1. Is able to make decisions under pressure
2. Is able to be in control around the contact area
3. Has the ability to box kick with either foot
4. Has effective individual tackling technique (1 v 1)
5. Lead the team defence with a sweeper role
6. Is able to pass effectively off both hands; from the ground and in open play
7. Is a creative strike runner i.e. (a) creative, (b) strike, (c) power
8. Delivers quick ball in the contact area
9. Has vision and communication to run the game
10. Is mentally tough, i.e. competes and trains at 95-100% of ability at all times
11. Has County-standard fitness levels
12. Has a ruthless edge in the pursuit of winning
13. Is a County-standard goal kicker

Positional Skills:
| Positioning at the set piece | Athletic ability | Speed, Agility, Footwork | Contact Skills (ruck / maul) | Leg drive in contact | Defence at the breakdown | Tactical Awareness | Handling skills |