Secondary Schools

Supporting secondary school improvement

Rugby union is more than just a great sport that all students can engage with.

It can deliver benefits across the whole school. Rugby union is a driver for positive change in schools, providing a unique variety of development opportunities for teachers and young people. The advantages of rugby union go far beyond fitness and enjoyment: it has shown to help to improve attendance, behaviour and student progress in schools.

Rugby Union in Secondary Schools: More than a sport

Rugby union can play a beneficial role in the lives of all students, regardless of age or ability, both at school and in their home life. Likewise, for school management teams and teachers, rugby provides tools, resources, people and training to make their job easier. It can also assist school improvement plans, deliver learning in the national curriculum and demonstrate school effectiveness to Ofsted. Rugby’s strong core values – Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship – are relevant to life on and off the playing field and instil positive qualities in young people that will endure beyond their school days.

The tools, resources and information in this section will provide you with all you need to include rugby union as part of your school offer.