Touch Rugby Formats



Touch Rugby became very popular since O2 Touch Rugby was introduced in 2013.

A game where tackles are replaced by touches with very simple laws.


Most clubs start off with a ‘pitch up and play’ policy for ‘fitness and fun’ and cater for all ages, abilities and genders. Players can be totally new to the game, retired from contact rugby, or recovering from contact injuries. Some clubs enter into Touch Festivals or Competitions as they become more experiences and skilful.


O2 Touch Rugby was replaced by the RFU’s Touch Union when the O2 sponsorship was transferred to the Red Roses Women’s International rugby campaign in 2020. New laws were introduced requiring 2 touches rather than 1 before a player was stopped, and allowing some kicking below head height. So a bit more tactical than O2 Touch.


Recently some schools are adopting Touch Rugby rather than Contact Rugby due to parents’ concerns about the long term impact of head injuries on players.


This season 2023/4 World Rugby is piloting T1 Touch around the world which includes uncontested, standing 3 man scrums and line outs so as to provide a similar rugby experience to the contact game for both Walking Rugby and Touch Rugby