Example of touch rugby safeguarding

(with thanks to Chinnor RFC)



Safeguarding Young Players (Under 16s)


We offer social, non contact rugby for players of all skill levels, genders and ages who pitch up and play on Friday evenings (7pm – 8.30pm) primarily for fitness and fun.

We promote rugby’s core values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

Young players are the future of our game and we encourage them to participate and play freely without fear of  being injured, making mistakes or being reprimanded.


Safeguarding our Younger Players under 16 (This is in addition to CRFC’s Safeguarding Policy.)


With mixed aged rugby it is important that Risk Assessments cause us to adopt practices to ensure the safety of younger players and so prevent injuries and feelings of low self esteem.(RFU advice)


Actions required for playing and coaching mixed age sessions

  • Players will arrive dressed for playing to avoid children changing with adults.


  • There is no lower age limit but youths ought to be members of Chinnor’s Youth section and can demonstrate the basic skills of catching, running with, and passing the ball.


  • U/16s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is participating or a touch line supporter.


  • U/14s will be placed in the same team as their parent/guardian if s/he is playing.


  • There will be no more than 2 Youths in a team of 6, or 3 in a team of 8 to ensure sufficient adult ‘supervision’ and support for the younger players.


  • The competitive tone of the game will be reduced in speed and with players not being allowed to score more than 3 tries in a game. Adults will be role models by involving all ages in a game, along with showing how to lose gracefully and be humble winners.


  • Adult/Colts players must take appropriate actions to avoid collisions with younger players.

Making deliberate contact with the opposition, apart from the touch, will be penalised.


  • Adult/Colts players will make allowances for younger players, involve them in the game and encourage their participation through praise and constructive advice, rather than criticism.


  • When stash or similar items are available the younger players should be rewarded appropriately. Failing that, an alternative ‘end of season’ rewards system should be implemented. e.g. most improved young players; most committed young players etc.


Chinnor Touch Committee,  January 2023