Club Coaching Coordinator

Players are the essential component in any rugby club and their development and retention is vital to sustainability. Coaches play a most important part in the nurturing and development of players, and should be nurtured and developed themselves. It is recognised that a good coach and good coaching is more likely to keep players in the game for longer.

As a Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) you can fulfil or facilitate:
•Promotion of coach education and development within the club
•Identification of coach development needs within the club
•Updating and maintenance of accurate records of the club’s coaches and roles on GMS (Game Management System)
•Working with, support and encourage coaches to be the best they can be
•Being the initial point of contact for liaison with RFU professional staff for all coaching matters
•Reinforcement of the Core Values across all coaching programmes

You will play an integral role in the development and retention of players and coaches. There are also opportunities for personal development in management, communication, presentation and planning.

CCCs play an important link between the RFU and the game at a local level, and thus in the development of rugby union in England.

CCCs should also make good use of GMS, the RFU’s community rugby database.