O2 Touch Rugby Full Rules

Half a pitch is suitable for teams of 6 or 7 players. Pitch size can vary accordingly

A roll ball between your legs/step over the ball with the defence back 5 ms occurs when:-

· A player is touched by the opposition

· A changeover/turnover occurs

· After 6 touches with the ball going to the opposition.

· If the ‘dummy half’ is touched in possession of the ball.

· If the ball is dropped, knocked on or goes to ground.

· If a player crosses the side line/goes into touch

A tap ball/penalty tap- foot tapping ball on the ground with the defence back 10ms occurs when

· You start the game or restart the game after a try is scored.

· Someone is offside- not back 5ms/10ms from a roll ball/penalty: can play adv

· A forward pass

· Passing the ball after being touched. NB The ‘toucher’ must raise their arm and shout ‘Touch’

· Taking the roll ball in front of the ‘mark’ so return to where you were touched

· Excessive contact beyond a normal ‘touch’ (ref’s discretion) – as this is a non-contact game.