Developing Players At Your Community Rugby Club

A rugby team is only as good as its players, and the players are only as good as the fitness, skills and commitment they possess.

Therefore, developing these aspects of the players you have is crucial to achieving success, and having innovative and engaging training programmes in place is a great way to attract new players to your club.

The RFU website is full of information on how to improve the playing side of your club.

There is an extensive fitness section, and although it is primarily aimed at the elite end of youth development, aspect of the training regimes outlined within it can be applied to the community game. Browse around the section to find training drills to develop attributes from speed to stamina.

The skills section provides details on the key facets of the game – handling, tackling and kicking – outlining the basics skills which are crucial to the makeup of all rugby players. There is also a positional skills area, outlining roles and specific practices for each position on the field.

For coaches, there is an exhaustive coaching resource archive which details specific training routines to help develop any team’s abilities.