Positional Requirements – Prop

1. Competent checklist (“Tower of Power”)
2. Takes scrum forward on own put-in
3. Attacks the opposition put-in
4. Has effective line-out support techniques
5. Has effective kick-off support techniques
6. Has effective individual tackling technique (1 v 1)
7. Has effective team defence technique
8. Has a physical presence and is aggressive in the contact area
9. Understands Loose play, i.e. when to go to ruck, when to be a runner
10. Is a creative strike runner i.e. (a) creative, (b) strike, (c) power
11. Is comfortable with ball in hand, i.e. can catch and pass with either hand
12. Delivers quick ball in contact
13. Is mentally tough, i.e. competes and trains at 95-100% of ability at all times
14. Has County-standard fitness standards
15. Has a ruthless edge in the pursuit of winning

Positional Skills:
| Body position in the set-piece | Contact Skills (ruck /maul) | Leg drive in contact | Work rate / Mobility | Defence at the breakdown | Handling, Offloading and Link-Play skills |