Parents and Players

Quilter Kids First is England Rugby’s approach to rugby for 6-13 year olds. It gives children the opportunity to prosper by fostering an environment for having fun, learning and building confidence.

This means helping children develop and learn the game at their own pace, and making sure they have plenty of fun while playing.

We’re asking rugby centres across the country to take the Quilter Kids First pledge to commit to a range of high quality standards.

Find out more about the pledge.

How is Quilter Kids First different?
*It is child centred and not coach centred
*It is inclusive
*It ensures Rugby’s rules support children’s development – they are deliberately uncomplicated, progressive and flexible.

What are the benefits for children?
*Quilter Kids First playing format offers building blocks to the 15-a-side game that allows players time to get to grips with the basics of running and catching the ball before contact and specialism is gradually introduced.
*This gradual introduction of new rules, a simpler game, and a focus on growing confidence and self-esteem will ensure that the development of each individual child goes hand in hand with the development of the game through the age groups.
*The schools and clubs who have trialled these rules have been extremely positive about the results and believe they give each player more chance to play in an environment based on activity, safety and fun.

Learn more about the Quilter Kids First rules of play.