Dear All,

Please find attached the RFU guidance for the use of changing rooms. I have also attached the facilities guidance document that has links within the document to the varying areas of a club.Essentially for the use of changing rooms access must be limited to ensure social distancing (size of room would be dependent on occupancy)

– Mark the changing room to ensure social distancing
– Encourage players to arrive for the fixture ready to go
– Toilets to be used in separate area to ensure social distancing
– Ventilation to be in place to allow for air movement
– Teams are not to gather following the fixture as this would then be seen as a social gathering (rule of 6 and family groups only) so the club would be at risk of a fine if seen by Police.

As an example, at Didcot we have clearly marked changing rooms, they have CV-19 marshals in place, provided separate toilets to the changing rooms and have track and trace in place.

Best wishes
Oxfordshire RFU – Secretary
(On behalf of Jamie Goddard)


Facility Reopening guidance 250920

Facility reopening – Changing rooms 271120